The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) can be very confusing and frustrating for most property ownwers.  Flood Zone Relief aggressively manages the flood zone re-designation process to achieve the desired results to eliminate the need for flood insurance or to reduce the amount of the flood insurance premiums.
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Flood Zone Relief has developed a method to determine costs and savings associated with a re-designation effort.  Contact us today for your review!

Flood Zone Relief works with consumers, corporations and associations all over the United States to properly determine if their properties are located within the proper flood zones as designated on a Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM), also known as flood maps. As an example, the map that is in the slideshow is a small section of Brevard County, Florida.  The blue dots represent successful re-designations that have totally removed these properties from the requirement to carry flood insurance. So what do these people know that may be of interest to you?  The requirement for flood insurance is based on a system that is too generic and, therefore, often inaccurate.  

Once the Flood Zone Relief process is completed you will save hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars each YEAR.  By taking the time to have Flood Zone Relief work to obtain the re-designation, you will reap years of financial rewards.  When it comes time to sell your property, the flood zone designation will not be a "show stopper" for potential buyer(s).  The best part is that the total cost may be paid by the first years savings in Flood Insurance Premiums, which are refundable in whole or in part!


We work with all the necessary parties required to accomplish the task of determining if the property may be removed completely from the Flood Zone or whether it will be eligible for a reduced premium.  These might include surveyors, land planners, floodplain managers, developers and FEMA.  Anything short of a final determination from FEMA leaves you open to rejection by your lender. 

Flood Zone Relief does not provide flood insurance quotes but we are able to assist in locating an agent for you.

Even after a successful re-designation, each property owner needs to make an informed decision whether or not to maintain flood insurance to protect their property.

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