Flood Zone Relief performs the following services, in conjunction with the National Flood Insurance Program, which are all used in order to effect the desired results for the property owner:

  • Preliminary research, including a review of the Flood Insurance Rate Map, to determine if the subject properties are likely to succeed with re-designation into the proper flood zones;
  • Consultation with the property owner about the results of the preliminary phase;
  • Coordination of the survey work, that may be needed, to help assure a successful re-designation;
  • Working with the local Community officials, as necessary, to secure all the information that FEMA needs to evaluate the property;
  • Preparing all necessary documentation for submission FEMA and Community officials to secure approvals;
  • Responding to further information requests from FEMA and / or Community officials;
  • Securing a final determination from FEMA;
  • Provide necessary forms to recover premiums that were overpaid;
  • Communication with the property owner(s) about the process at all phases. 

Keeping the property owner informed is a hallmark of Flood Zone Relief's reputation.  Communication is a key factor in our success or failure.  

Even after a successful re-designation, each property owner needs to make an informed decision whether or not to maintain flood insurance to protect their property.


Eliminate Flood Insurance 

Lower Flood Insurance Premium

Getting You To The Relief Zone!



  • Remove property from the requirement for flood insurance;
  • Make the decision to maintain flood insurance a personal one;
  • Premiums are rising over the next 5 years, re-designation can either eliminate or reduce them;
  • For resale value, having the property already re-designated is a big plus; 
  • Buyers sometimes shy away from a home in a flood zone, re-designation gives you peace of mind that you are offering your property at or above a level at which other homes in the area are able to be offered at;  
  • Recover wasted premium dollars after your successful re-designation, in some cases up to two years worth.
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